Books and Monographs

No. Title Author(s) Publisher Published Year
1 Dynamics of Labour Use and Role of Genetically Modified Crops in Cotton Cultivation  Niti Mehta Academic Foundation 2019
2 Rural Transformation in the Post Liberalization Period in Gujarat: Economic and Social Consequences Niti Mehta Palgrave Macmillan 2018
3 Role of Public Policy in Development Process: Emerging Socioeconomic Scenario in the Indian Economy Niti Mehta & Anita Arya (Eds.) Academic Foundation 2018
4 Trade Liberalization, Economic Growth and Environmental Externalities: An Analysis of Indian Manufacturing Industries Hansa Jain Palgrave Macmillan 2017
5 Supermarket for Rural Customers: A Study of a Community - Oriented Social Enterprise in Gujarat Subrata Dutta & Munish Alagh Academic Foundation 2017
6 Vulnerability and Risk Measurement of Climate Induced Disasters in Gujarat Shital Shukla Academic Foundation 2014
7 Developments in Agriculture: A Comparative Analysis of the Growth Components and Contributory Factors Across States Niti Mehta Allied Publisher 2011
8 Petroleum Refining in India: Reform and Technical Efficiency in Public Sector Enterprises Madhusudan Datta Allied Publisher 2011
9 Informal Sector in India: Pathways to Viability and Growth Jayshree Shah & R.G.Nambiar (Eds.) SPIESR 2004
10 Financial Issues in Water Sector, Proceedings of the Seminar on Networking of Financial Issues in Water Sector Rohit D. Desai
11 Conflict Resolution in the Water Sector Rohit D. Desai
12 Power Economics in Gujarat Y.K.Alagh, Jayshree Shah & Vinod K. Shah Har-Anand Publications 1998
13 Development of Gujarat - People's Perceptions Sam Pitroda and RJ Mody (Eds.) PBC Book Service 1997
14 Economic Theory and Econometric Applications - Recent Developments G.V.S.N. Murty (Ed.) Har-Anand Publications 1995
15 Economic Dimensions of the Sardar Sarovar Project Y.K. Alagh, R.D. Desai, G.S. Guha and S.P. Kashyap Har-Anand Publications 1995
16 The Household Sector: A Study of Jari in Surat R.D. Desai Har-Anand Publications 1995
17 Sectoral Growth and Change Y.K. Alagh, R.J. Mody & R.D. Desai (Eds.) Har-Anand Publications 1993
18 Stability and Development Y.K. Alagh, R.J. Mody & R.D. Desai (Eds.) Har-Anand Publications 1993
19 Evaluation of Gujarat Social Forestry Programme M.K. Dalvi & Rohit Shukla D.K. Publishers 1988
20 Multinational Corporations and National Technological Capability Mohanan Pillai & Jayshree Shah D.K. Publishers 1988
21 Shaping of Diamonds in Surat - Some Passas (Facets) S.P. Kashyap & R.S. Tiwari Allied Publisher 1986
22 International Linkages of Domestic Prices and the Mechanism of Price Transmission R. G. Nambiar Allied Publisher 1985
23 Gujarat Economy - Problems and Prospects D.T. Lakdawala (Ed.) Allied Publisher 1983
24 Employment, Poverty and Public Policy SPIESR Allied Publisher 1981
25 Gujarat Economy in 2001 AD SPIESR Allied Publisher 1980
26 Adult Education Programme in Gujarat - An Appraisal Arul Sarma,
Vimal P. Shah &
B.K. Parikh
Allied Publisher 1979
27 Regional Planning in a Consistency Framework - A Study of Gujarat S.P. Kashyap Allied Publisher 1979
28 Optimum Utilisation of Educational Expenditure in Gujarat D.T. Lakdawala & K.R. Shah Popular Prakashan 1978
29 Wage Structure and Labour Mobility in a Local Labour Market T.S. Papola & K.K.Subrahmanian Popular Prakashan 1975
30 Financial Assets and Instruments for Mobilization of Saving D.T. Lakdawala & R.J. Mody Popular Prakashan 1974
31 Regional Variation in Industrial Development D.T. Lakdawala & R.J. Mody Popular Prakashan 1974
32 Commodity Taxation in India D.T. Lakdawala & K.V. Nambiar Popular Prakashan 1972

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