Research Overview

The major emphasis reflected in the Institute's studies has been on quantitative economic research. Theoretical analysis, economic modeling and applied economic research based on field work and secondary data were also undertaken. Topics of research range from regional and national to international issues. Institute from the very beginning has attached importance to organization of information in a coherent framework and on research based information generation for specific research and policy requirements. This was attempted with a view to formulating testable hypotheses and evolving models relevant for policy analysis. Gujarat's economy, given the location of the Institute, has been an important focus of research both as a testing ground for received knowledge as also to have a viewpoint on region-specific problems. Various facets of Gujarat's economy that have been studied include:

  • Demand analysis, including region's poverty & inequality problem; formulation and estimation of poverty indices; prohibition and the poor; evaluation of poverty eradication programmes.
  • Analysis of famine and droughts; assessment of official response to scarcity and policy imperatives.
  • Common property resources - social forestry, land and water resources ¬with special reference to problems of negative externalities associated with the use of common resources; cost-benefit analysis of the Sardar Sarovar Project with emphasis on environmental impact.
  • Problems of weaker section; adult literacy; status, of women; problem of tribal areas.
  • Regional input-output models; estimation of the economic base of a city economy; impact of government expenditure on the state economy.
  • Industry studies - textiles, diamonds, jari, cloth printing, electronics.
  • Agriculture growth - impact of green revolution, possibilities and constraints across the Agro-climatic regions of Gujarat; impact of the Land Ceiling Act.
  • Functioning of a local labour market, problems of construction workers.
  • Intra-regional analysis of agriculture and industrial growth, formulation of development indicators across talukas of Gujarat.
  • Physical and financial infrastructure - power sector, financial institutions.
  • Regional economy in a long term perspective, including implications of a major developmental effort (Sardar Sarovar Project).
  • Agriculture growth-impact of Green Revolution, possibilities and constraints across the Agro-climatic Regions of India. Total factor productivity analysis of agriculture Sector. Land/water Degradation, Market reforms in Agriculture Sector.
  • Gujarat’s Input-Output Model. Inter-scale linkages through sectoral studies. Exercises in consistency framework and Industrial complex analysis
  • Trade and related issues – structure of protection to industry, trade liberalization and its impact, World Trade Organisation (WTO) and its implications to industry and agriculture.
  • Environment and Climate change and disaster preparedness
  • Social infrastructure including education specifically elementary and primary education Health sector, Human Development related aspects.
  • Input-Output framework for analysing structural changes in the tertiary sector.

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