Working Paper Series

  • The Theory of Economic Development (2022) - Yoginder K. Alagh
  • The Biden Presidency and India (2021) - Yoginder K. Alagh
  • Public-Private Wage Gap in the Indian Mining and Quarrying Industry (2018) - Smrutirekha Mohanty
  • Evaluating Group Disparities in Educational Outcomes: An Age Cohort Perspective (2018) - Vachaspati Shukla
  • Class Matters? : Exploring the Trends in Female Workforce Participation in India after 2004 - 05 (2017) - Niti Mehta and Smrutirekha Mohanty
  • Financial Management in Local Government (2016) - Forum Dave
  • Dynamics of Change in the Employment and Enterprise Structure of Gujarat (2016) – Niti Mehta.
  • The Uneasy Case against Planning (2016) – Yoginder K. Alagh.
  • Inter-Generational Relations and Decision-making among the Elderly: A Study in Gujarat (2015) – Renu Tyagi, Tattwamasi Paltasingh.
  • Economics of Organisations applied to a Community Enterprise in Gujarat (2015) – Munish Alagh.
  • Philosophical Explorations of Causality and flagging its link to Behavioral Economics (2015)- Munish Alalgh.
  • Including Community in School Education: Gujarat Scenario (2014) - Tattwamasi Paltasingh
  • Sardar Sarovar Revisited (2013) - Y. K. Alagh.
  • Indian Public Employment Policy for Weaker Sections: A Case of SC/ST (2013) - Chittaranjan Senapati
  • Wages and Wage Disparity in Organized Manufacturing Industries: An Analysis of Post Reforms Era (2013) Hansa Jain, Dileep Singh.
  • Intervention on Early Childhood Care and Education: Evidences from Orissa (2012) Tattwamasi Paltasingh
  • Productivity and Resource Structure: Underlying Dimensions of Agricultural Development in Gujarat (2012) Niti Mehta
  • The Economics of Government Savings: A Note on Indian State-level Fiscal Restructuring (2012) Subrata Dutta
  • Impact of Socio-Economic Indicators on The Status of Natural Resources (2012) Hansa Jain
  • Drivers of Vulnerability towards Climate Variability in Gujarat (2012) Shital Shukla
  • Performance of Gujarat Economy: An analysis of Growth and Instability (2011) Anita Arya & Niti Mehta
  • Towards an Understanding of Sustainable Environment & Development: Some Reflections (2011) Tattwamasi Paltasingh
  • Technical Efficiency of Agricultural Farms and Capital -Output Ratio: A Study on Jhansi Division of Uttar Pradesh (2011) Hansa Jain & Ram Kumar Jha
  • Sectoral Shares in GDP: Estimation at Current and Constant Prices (2010) Madhusudan Datta
  • Female Employment in India: Trends and Underlying Processes in the Era of Reforms (2010) Niti Mehta
  • Agricultural Demand and Food Security in India (2010) Yoginder K. Alagh
  • Service Boom in the Indian Economy: An Analysis of Causal Influences (2010) Madhusudan Datta

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